Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic Services

Welcome To Rejuvenate Center For Medical Aesthetics

We are a full service anti-aging and cosmetic surgery center. Dr. Falguni Patel is a board certified ob-gyn with a subspecialty in anti-aging medicine and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Patel’s approach to each patient is a complete analysis, starting with the inside and working outwards. 

At Rejuvenate Center for Medical Aesthetics, we perform many non-invasive cosmetic procedures. But with Dr. Patel’s expertise in gynecological surgery, we are one of the few places in NJ who perform cosmetics gynecology such as labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. It is important to understand that a healthy body and mind is important to achieve a good outlook on life. Come visit us and see for yourself the difference we can make.Have a question for our team? Fill out the form to the right and we’ll contact you shortly!
Take a look at some of our featured services

Facial Aesthetics

Botulism-Botox, Dysport, Xeomin; Dermal Fillers- Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm Voluma, Radiesse and Belotero along with Ultherapy are all options available to you for your skincare needs. Come in for a complimentary consultation and let Dr.Patel guide you through your options for radiant young skin. 

We also offer a full line of the Obagi Skin Care Line. Obagi skin care products contain prescription-strength formulations and are available only through physicians, medical spas, and other skin care and medical professionals. These products provide a great support and maintenance for your skin care regime.

ULTHERAPY - An Uplift, not a Facelift!

The Ultherapy® procedure is the only non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasound and the body’s own natural healing process to lift and tighten loose skin on the eyebrow, neck, and under the chin.

The only FDA-cleared procedure to lift skin on these hard-to-treat areas, Ultherapy uses the safe, time-tested energy of ultrasound to stimulate the deep structural support layers of the skin—including those typically addressed in a surgical facelift—without disturbing the surface of the skin. Click here for detailed information about Ultheraphy, or give us a call and we can schedule a time to discuss your options


There are different types of lasers for different types of procedures. At Rejuvenate Center for Medical Aesthetics we have both a YAG and Alex laser to safely treat both our light skin and dark skin patients. We can provide hair removal, skin tightening, age spot removal, spider vein treatment, and acne scar reduction!

We offer Fractional Resurfacing-sub ablative and sublime skin contouring, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, acne treatment, hair removal, tattoo removal and spider-vein treatments with the aid of lasers.

Body Contouring

Cellulite treatments, Velashape II, Post pregnancy treatments are all options offered for Body Contouring at Rejuvenate Center for Medical Aesthetics.

The gift of a child does not come easily. There are both physical and emotional changes that go with it. With the help of Dr. Patel, you can address both of these issues postpartum.

A balanced diet and exercise is of the utmost importance. But despite that, some of us are left with the post-pregnancy “pouch” aka lax skin and poor drainage. This is where Velashape comes in. Velashape II ™ contours and shapes the body by improving cellulite and reducing circumference in as few as 4 treatment sessions. VelaShape has been cleared by the FDA and provides visible results without downtime or significant discomfort. Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation to review your needs and treatment options.

Weight Loss

“Eat less” or “Work out more” is great advice for some but not everyone has it so easy. All of the dieting and exercise in the world simply isn’t going to make much of a dent if hormonal, environmental or habit-based problems are at the root of your struggle with your weight. Let us guide you to your weight goals. Come see what a medically managed HCG diet can offer you.



We offer bio-identical hormone testing to create a customized plan for your body's needs and offer support to your body through vitamin and supplements for a natural long term approach to anti-aging.

Feminine Rejuvenation

Feminine Rejuvenation Surgery or Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery are interchangeable terms to describe Vaginoplasty and Labial reduction/reconstruction. Vaginoplasty is essentially a tightening of the muscles and tissues around both the vaginal opening and along the vaginal canal. This procedure leads to a significant reduction of the width and volume of the vagina and results in more sensation and contact during intercourse. Most patients and their partners report a significantly more satisfactory sexlife after the procedure. The other procedure, that falls under the heading of Feminine Rejuvenation Surgery, is Labial reduction and or reconstruction. This is a more cosmetic procedure, but equally as satisfying for the patient who is embarrassed by the appearance of her external genitals, whether a result of childbirth, trauma or something she was just born with. Call our office for a confidential consultation and discuss your options to a better personal experience.

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